Topographical & Measured Building Surveys

Groundbreaking Tech

Our survey team are equipped with the latest equipment and GPS surveying units. We offer a nationwide coverage and we are able to provide an efficient service wherever and whenever you need us.

Working with a cross section of professions including architects, developers and landscapers, we can quickly establish your survey requirements and ensure that we provide you with the high level of output and information that you need.

Topographical survey

A topographical survey or land survey is an accurate representation of the area of interest showing all natural and manmade features with levels. Shown as three dimensional points all features including the property, land features and physical boundary details are presented on a scaled survey drawing.

Measured Building Survey

A measured building survey is an accurate representation of your building showing all the structural elements and architectural features. Floor plans are essential to give an accurate representation of the building and this is backed up with elevations and cross sections presented as a scaled survey drawings.