You Won’t Believe What This Amazing 3D Technology Can Do For Your Business

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3D technology has come a long way from blue and red cardboard glasses, and savvy business owners are discovering amazing ways it can be used to drive new experiences for their customers, and new opportunities for themselves.

One such way this exciting new technology can be used is by using special cameras to capture a 3D walkthrough of your premises. Whether you run a building site, retail outlet, restaurant, hotel, attraction, or something else, a true to life 3D walkthrough can offer prospective guests and/or customers a new perspective on your business.

Our innovative combination of high-res photography, schematic floor-plans, virtual reality, and Google Street View technology will help bring your work to life for your audience.

Open new revenue streams, drive engagement, and boost buyer confidence with a high definition 3D walkthrough.

A Single Scan Solution

Scanning your premises takes a matter of hours, after which you will have everything you need to communicate, market, and modify real-world locations with your digital audience.

Our high-tech automatic capture system collects 4k quality images and millions of individual 3D data points in a heartbeat.

There’s no need to set up reference points or apply any markers to your building – we simply set up the camera and let it do what it does best.

A task which would have traditionally taken weeks to achieve with a manual camera takes a matter of hours with our exciting next-generation technology.

One-Click Processing

Once your premises have been captured, a single click sends every bit of the gathered data to our experts for processing. From there our team go to work using powerful software, taking raw data and crafting it into a fully realised 3D environment.

Everything from colour grading, to the combining of separate panoramic images, is handled personally.

The finished product is then uploaded to the internet from where it can be linked to or embedded on any compatible website or forum. If you know how to share a video from YouTube, you know how to share your 3D walkthrough.

Visit Anytime and Anywhere

Once your 3D walkthrough is live on your website it can be accessed from any connected device. Whether you use a PC, Mac, desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, Android, or iOS, you can take a high definition stroll around your location, at any time of day.

If you have access to a virtual reality (VR) headset you can use it to really step inside your 3D walkthrough experience.

Ideal for all Industries

Our innovative 3D walkthrough is perfect for all manner of business applications.

  • Imagine being able to take construction site measurements without having to be there in person.
  • Imagine having the ability to offer prospective house buyers the opportunity to tour your property portfolio, without needing to make an appointment.
  • Imagine presenting to investors and stockholders by actually taking them inside your business, from the comfort of the boardroom.
  • Imagine giving your restaurant or hotel guests the power to get a feel for the ambiance and features of your hospitality business ahead of making a booking.
  • Imagine allowing customers inside your retail outlet from their connected device and, not only letting them look around, but giving them the power to click on items of interest and be taken straight to your online store to make a purchase.

Most of all, imagine being the only business in your niche offering this amazing experience to your website visitors. One estate agent experienced an 800% boost to their engagement rates once they started offering their customers a 3D walkthrough experience designed and implemented by Global Vision 3D.

An All-in-One Media Solution

One next-generation immersive media marketing solution does the work of dozens of 2D photos, tables, blueprints, measurements etc. and will help your business win more bids, close more sales, secure more investments, and engage with a bigger audience than ever before.

Global Vision 3D walkthroughs are fun, entertaining, informative, and infinitely shareable. People will adore being able to tour your premises from the comfort of their own homes, and the confidence you have in your business will shine brightly through your nothing to hide attitude.

In an era where consumers have unprecedented choice as to where they spend their money, those businesses that can offer truly innovative experiences stand the best chance of success.

A 3D walkthrough will help your business stand out from the maelstrom.

Global Vision 3D

We are a highly skilled and passionate team working out of the city of Truro in the beautiful county of Cornwall, UK. Global Vision 3D operates in both a local and global marketplace, and we can’t wait to work with you to create an amazing 3D walkthrough to help drive your business forwards. Please get in touch today.


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